Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh my, this is my first blog post!

I had to start somewhere so here I go! Many people in my life, whether its from my clients, family members, friends and fellow members on CakeCentral have told me to start a blog.  It will take me awhile to get the hang of this but I really want it to become something special.
Lets start with a little bit of information about me.  I love cakes....well anything sweet for that matter.  I'm a southern gal so its to be expected.  I guess it all started when I was younger (doesn't it always and no, I'm not laying on a therapist couch right now).  My mother is a great cook and grandmother was great as well.  I am one of four kids that looked forward every Thanksgiving and Christmas to go to grandma's house.  Sure all the usual fanfare of huge dinners abounded during those special occasion but the dessert..a yellow cake with strawberry jam filling all covered in the most delectable sweet buttercream (and I mean butter) was always a highlight.  There were other desserts and fruits out for all to partake, even Stollen, freshly made spritz cookies, and other German delectables (even those little chocolates filled with liquors).  But the cake, it always topped everything.  She, Lilli, is no longer with us and her recipe is a heavily guarded secret held by my younger sister but she will always be loved.
Flash forward (careful you may get whiplash) after getting a degree in CISM, working at a corporate financial institution for 7 years as a Project Manager in the Ecommerce field, marrying my caring husband and having a very lively son who is now 6....I've been doing cakes and pastries now for approximately 4-5 years.
I love art and music.  I love to incorporate something artistic and beautiful with everything I create.  I was recently at a resort in Florida where I had walked by a pianist dressed to the nines where a man went up to and started a casual conversation.  I of course was taking a picture of that massive bird house behind him.  The man in the grey jacket asked the pianist, "How do you know what to play?"  Of course seeing he was playing from memory the man calmly and simply responded, "How do you know how to breathe?"  This simply pure statement made me think about what I do.  I may not be climbing the corporate ladder anymore but I do what I love.  That's what he was doing - sharing his artistic talent for the enjoyment of others.
Heres a cheesy picture of me:

So if you don't mind, I'm going to start with some of my past projects that I think you will really enjoy!!  This blog will center around some things from my life and will offer a glimpse of some of my "projects" for my clients.  I would love for you to leave comments on my posts and yes there will be pictures, I promise!

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