Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tea Cup Tales

Aptly named Tea Cup Tales, this cake was for a grandson's teacher's Birthday.  She had a collection of tea cups and loved to read.  So I came up with the idea to do a book.  Everything you see here is edible on the board.  No I'm serious!

The dish is gumpaste edged in edible gold which holds cake truffles topped with little gumpaste flowers.  The napkin is sweetly embossed with a lace pattern.

Here's a closeup of the gumpaste teacup and saucer. Even the spoon is edible blue colored gumpaste and then painted with edible silver. I told her she could keep this "set" in her collection as long as it was in a dry cool area with not a ton of light. 

 The sugar cubes are gumpaste and with a little help of piping gel rolled in course sanding sugar (for some reason blogger wont let the rotated pick come in correctly.  Maybe I should name this picture "My cup runneth over."  You can make it out a little that the book is embossed and hand painted with edible paint.

Result was another amazed customer.  Her class even made huge letter signs to wish her Happy Birthday which the surprise was priceless.  I stuck around to see her reaction.  I love the reactions.  She thought it was real.  Typical in my sweet world.  I can go through hour upon hour on little details knowing that the end product is meant to wow.


  1. That looks great...The idea to do the sugar cubes that way is really clever.

    To rotate the pictures, you have to rotate it 90 degrees the opposite way of what's the right way on your computer, save it that way, get out of the photo editing program, then go back in and rotate it back the right way and save it again. Blogger has been doing that recently, it didn't always make you jump through hoops. They'll probably fix it soon, but that's what's been working for me

    Kara Buntin

  2. Hi Carmen, this is your cousin, Melisa. Holy Cow, lady, you're better than most of the people that have their own show on TLC! I just wish I knew someone that needed an awesome cake. You'd better believe you will be the first person I suggest if I find anyone looking for one.

  3. Thanks! I worked really hard on the gumpaste accents. Quite a difficult undertaking to get it to be smooth. The cup itself took 3 tries because of the fragile nature of it wanting to buckle.

  4. Brillante - thats what describes your creative artwork on your cup/saucer and sugar cubes - well done indeed.
    Your time spent on the *details* truely shows.
    I think you are very talented :)


  5. hello,
    I'll love your cup of Tea.
    I did tray this but my gumpaste is tearing, how did you do that, so beautiful because you see no tearing. (sorry for my english i am dutch)


  6. Anonymous - I am getting back into my blog. Its been a long time since I posted anything to this little blog. But to humbly answer your question you have to use gumpaste. Always have tylose powder and glycerin (they are like yin and yang (tylose stiffens and glycerin kinda relaxes it). Tearing makes me think you may have not had it stiff enough but I would need more information to help you on this.