Monday, November 29, 2010

Is That a Turkey Cake?

Well you can definitely say its vegetarian.  No birds were harmed in the making of this cake.  This is a fun  cake to make, it always "gets" everybody.  Is that real?  Is a great usual question that I get.  
This cake was carved from a yellow cake with banana cream filling.  The outside was achieved by using a type of buttercream that dries just enough to be able to smooth with a bounty paper towel.  I then airbrush it with edible airbrush colors.  The wings are achieved by using sugar ice cream cones.  The lettuce is real (could have made that from gumpaste) and the cake is sitting on a turkey platter.  Next to it (not pictured) I placed a gravy boat filled with extra banana cream.  This still takes a good bit of time to make but the results are worth it.
Like playing jokes?  Well, just imagine having Dad/Grandpa, at the head of the table, doing the turkey cutting and how surprised he would be with the whole family at the table cutting into this sweet bird!

Here's to hoping your holidays are delicious and memorable!


  1. That is brillante - and so *real* - credit to you.
    Had me fooled until i read your blurb - well done.


  2. Hi Carmen,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I could not find another way to contact you about the shell and mermaid necklace. Alas mother nature is responsible for the blue edge on the shell.. amazing huh??

    Maddie @ Domestic Anarchy.